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Downhill hiking


Down, down, down through fields and light forest to the river Tamakoshi, where you can relax on the river banks. 



Use the old trade route from Dolakha down to the river, then cross the Tama Koshi on the old suspension bridge and walk along the river to come out at the new road bridge.

Suspa Nunnery

Forest hiking


4 hrs.

Up through alpine meadows and rhododendron forest to a small Buddhist nunnery.



Follow the blue signs along the forested ridge above Charikot with the Himalayan peaks or hike close down to Dolakha.

Field walk

Field hiking


Through the midhill fields, also marked with blue signs, along seasonal crops to the famous pilgrimage temple of Bhimsen in Dolakha, the protector of traders and travelers 



Again down to an important temple and then through fields at a lower level with another agricultural cycle 

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