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Services and Activities


Our main restaurant consists of two wings and a cosy reading nook with board games in the middle. Before or after dinner enjoy sitting around our campfire and mingling with the person seated beside you. 

If you stay for lunch, the Chalet is perfect. Its all wooden construction gives a warm atmosphere perfect for some quietness in broad daylight whether it be with a book or work. The large windows give a scenic back drop onto a sea of different shades of green hilltops above the clouds. We love catering to events in either restaurants and even making BBQ on our terrace.

Main restaurant

Main restaurant

Most of time will be spent in one of  these corners inside and outise

Inside our chalet

Inside Chalet

Infinity views

Restaurant right wing side

Right Wing

Warm and bright in the evening, with music playing. You can also pick your tunes
Breakfast in the sun


The bread and jams are homemade  and also available in our shop

Fire Place

An interesting spot when you stay late and make new friends with long life stories
Tasty lunch outdoors


Re-fill yourselves with energy under a clear sky, breathing clean air

Your choice or let us choose

We have room packages that include set meals, otherwise there are plenty of options A la Carte. Our food is fresh so we ask you to inform us each morning how many dinners you will require. If your dinner is included, its a set meal that changes everyday and varies from Swiss specialties to Pizza or Nepali Thali.

Lunch can be ordered from our lunch menu. We are very flexible on providing our guests with an arrangement that suits them best. If there are any questions please do get in touch with us.

Classic breakfast consists of:

Juice Tea Coffee
Two eggs (style of your choosing)

Muesli with added dried fruit, nuts, seeds

Yogurt, whole fruits

Bread (homemade), butter, jams (homemade)

Our set dinners consist of:

Soup starter (no soup with our Thali set)

One main course dish with a side order of garden vegetables  and carbs

Salad with homemade dressing

We focus as much as possible in using locally produced ingredients in our dishes. We try very hard to minimize our footprint on the environment, growing much of our own produce such as potatoes, salad, turnip, radish, tomatoes, pakchoy, sweet peas, carrots and other seasonal vegetables.





Available all year and  extra charge


Hilltop's best viewpoint, fits 16 tents



Available for free every evening, on request

meeting hall


We have a meeting hall on site and also a chalet, that can be transformed into a meeting space.

Break-out spaces are available both indoors and outdoors. The capacity can reach 54 participants depending on the layout

meeting hall interieur

 Fun Hikes 


Walk to Dolakha via fields

The hike from our hotel starts immediately from behind our bungalows. There are blue signs all along the way so you will not require a guide and you will avoid making a wrong turn. The distance in total to reach Dolakhabazaar is 6km. The very start is going downhill for a few hundred metres and then rest of the hike is flat. The total will take you just under 2 hours. Here is a link to the photos that can help you if you are still unsure to find the way using just the help of our painted blue signals : PDF LINK, click to see full directions to Dolakha 

tree marquage.jpeg

Walk back to Charikot via forest

The hike back from Dolakha  to our Hotel via a different route is also a possible. There are

also blue signs as shown above, all along the small paths until you reach Charikot town. The distance  from Dolakhabazaar via the upper road is 5km until our resort. The most of it is via a steep forest trail going uphill. The last few hundred metres are straight until the Charikot main town. The total will take you just under 2 hours also. Here is a link to the photos that can help you if you are still unsure to find the way using just the help of our painted blue signals : PDF LINK, click to see full directions to Charikot from Dolakha


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