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Winter snow

Take a weekend trip and enjoy the fun!

Kalinchowk is one of the ideal places in Nepal to enjoy the snow in winter, a 6.5-8hrs drive from Kathmandu.
Charikot, where our hotel is located, is between Kalinchowk and Kathmandu. 

Kalinchowk is located at 3810 m above sea level. To enjoy a sunny day with snowy landscapes is very pleasant, spending the night there needs good planning as temperatures reach as low as -15°. Not all accommodations offer heating and hot running water.

Cable Car Kalinchowk
Kalinchowk in the snow

Charikot Panorama Resort is located at 2000m above sea level. Enjoy your night stay in a warmer climate after enjoying your day in Kalinchowk. You will find in our hotel all the comfort you need; hot water in the rooms, electric heating, exquisite cuisine, an outdoor campfire and even a sauna.

Food in Charikot Panorama Resort
Sauna in Charikot Panorama Resort
Food in Charikot Panorama Resort
Room in Charikot Panorama Resort

.... How to plan your stay ?

Number of nights :

Ideally stay minimum 2 nights. Go up to Charikot on day 1, visit Kalinchowk on day 2 and drive down on day 3 or relax at the hotel and visit Dolakha and come down on day 4.

Transport options :

Local bus from Ratnapark bus stop

Public jeep at the sumo stop in Koteshwor 

Private jeep : our hotel also has private jeeps; we can take care of your transfer from Kathmandu to our hotel and back. Choose the pickup location and departure times. Remember to ask our teams.

The weather :

To enjoy the most out of your short  trip, please note that when the forecast shows rain in Charikot, it snows in Kalinchowk.

Plan your trip 2 or 3 days after, it can take that long to unblock the road and clear the snow, allowing access to the cable car. Also the views are stunning only once the rain and clouds are gone!

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