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Visit Dolakha

Charikot Panorama Resort is the perfect place to unwind from the stresses and pollution of daily life.


Besides from relaxing, there are numerous things to do and see around the resort.

For those who are keen on a longer trek around the Gaurishankar or Rolwaling region, Charikot Panorama Resort is the best place to start and end with facilities and hospitality unmatched to make your trip one to remember

Some of the key places to visit are:​​

  • ​Kalinchowk 

  • Jiri 

  • Dolakha

  • Gaurishankar Conservation Area

Tamakoshi/ Jiri

Tamakoshi river starts from the Tsho Rolpa lake and Gauri Shankar Glacier high in the mountains. The road winds down 18km from Charikot. You can again either hike down or drive down, if you decide to visit Jiri, it's on the way. 

Jiri is located a good 2.5 hours from the hotel. It was set up as agricultural development centre by the Swiss Government Aid in 1938 and today is a popular destination for national tourists for day visits and photographing the scenic surroundings.


At an altitude of 3810m, Kalinchowk is the highest point in the vicinity. Spectacular 360 degree views of the Gauri Shankar range and the whole region can be seen. Just above the village Kuri, rests a shrine dedicated for the goddess Kali, also known as Kalinchowk Bhagwati, and where  the mountain gets its name from. There are 2 options from Khuri to Kalinchowk, by foot or by cable car. The distance from Charikot is 19km and can be reached in 1.5hrs. It requires a jeep as most of the trail is still off-road and steep and in winter there can be a lot of snow. Some also trek there in 8 hours walking moslty uphill. For accommodation there are options, however the temperatures are very cold and water is scarce. It is better to drive back on the same day and sleep in Charikot.

Khuri Village

​Dolakha, an old trading town is most famously known for the Bhimsen Temple which can be dated back to the 7th century. Bhimsen is known to be the Deity of traders and travelers. It is believed that when the statue `sweats`, perspiring on the left side, bad omens are brought upon the people. Whatever the case, Dolakha is a beautiful town with many local traditions to be seen.

It is located around 4km from Charikot and can be reached via private transport or the local bus. However most prefer to walk the distance on a locally used trail just parallel to the main road. This small hike will take 1-2hrs one way depending on your speed. It is a perfect short trip for children as well.

Plan your trip ahead and be aware of the time needed and distance to travel. Find more information about trekking, shrines to visit, towns nearby on

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